At iAgility, our goal is to revolutionize the online business consulting by offering mutually beneficial collaboration opportunities for consultants and clients. Whether you’re looking for an online business consultant or someone onsite, we believe in nurturing productive and energizing cultures between a client and their iAgilian.

iAgility Benefits

All projects, large or small, are given the same commitment to quality service and on-time delivery. Our commitment to leaner and innovative business model transformation has allowed us to reduce our operating costs, and we take pride in passing on these savings to you, our clients.

iAgilityConsulting FirmFull-time HireFreelance Platform
Time to select Consultants0-72 hours1-3 weeks2-6 Months1-2 Months
Online Dashboard
On & Off-Site Consultants
Personal Representative
Pre-vetted Process
Markup Rate$$$$$-$$$
Failure RateLowHighMediumVery High
Termination Fees$$$$$$$$$-
Personality type of independent business consultant

Relationship Compatibility


That’s why we take the time to get to know all our clients and consultants rather than relying on rigid AI algorithms or machine learning to match a client to an iAgilian.

Our extensive consultant vetting process thoroughly checks every consultant’s authenticity and verifies past employers’ recommendations to ensure a reliable pool of talent, which is why an iAgilian is better than your average independent business consultant

The iAgility Platform

iAgility provides you the ability to select, organize, and coordinate with your consultants without any hassle. Stay informed of your past, previous, and future projects all with ease via the platform!

Online Business Consultant
Business Model Transformation Experience

Experience is an online consulting platform created under the MicroAgility Consulting platform LLC owned by MicroAgility, Inc.

MicroAgility is an award-winning business transformation agency specialized in strategy execution, was founded in 2003 by former executives of “Big Four” consulting and Wall Street firms.

Humanity First USA


One of the most important aspects of developing a robust business culture is recognizing that we don’t live and work in a bubble. That’s why we channel 5% of iAgility’s markup to a range of charitable endeavors delivered by Humanity First USA. We even allow you to choose which type of charity work you’d like your 5% to support, including disaster relief, food security, global health and other amazing programs delivered by Humanity First USA.

Have Questions?

Customer support is our highest priority. We’re here to answer all your questions via our zoom, email and phone.