Job Details

Senior Data Scientist

New York, NY | Full time

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Long Term


5-7 years

Career Level:

Senior Level





Job Description

Job Responsibilities:

  • Research, customization, and development of statistical and machine learning algorithms to meet complex project requirements; tasks include defining hypotheses, executing necessary tests and experiments, evaluating, tuning, and optimizing algorithms and methods to specific situations.
  • Analysis of big data for data-driven solution validation, evaluation, and technology innovation.
  • Optimize data analysis processes and systems for better efficiency and maintainability.
  • Leading sub-functional and small project teams.
  • Mentoring and training more junior team members and serving as a best-practice resource for statistics and machine learning.
  • Writing of documents that clearly explain how algorithms should be implemented, verified, and validated.
  • Writing documents for use in the preparation of intellectual property and technical publications.
  • Monitoring the literature of interest and industrial development trends, broadly in the areas of data analysis and machine learning.
  • Understanding regulatory requirements, such as those mandated by the FDA.
  • Working within the Company’s Quality system, standards and maintaining training requirements.
  • Being ever mindful of the requirements of the wider market and Company’s stakeholders.
  • Promoting safe working environment within OH&S guidelines

Qualifications and Experience

  • Expert in statistical analysis methods, including analysis of variance, regression, time series analysis, survival analysis, etc.
  • Extensive knowledge in machine learning fundamental theories and data mining technologies.
  • Leadership and hands-on experience with the development of data analytics systems, including data exploration/crawling, feature engineering, model building, performance evaluation, and online deployment of models.
  • Proficient with server-side programming in Python/Java.
  • Hands-on experience in handling large and distributed datasets on Hadoop, Spark, Hive, Pig or Storm, etc.
  • Strong database skills and experience, including experience with SQL programming.
  • Knowledge in big data technologies, including cloud computing/distributed computing, data fusion, and data visualization.
  • Experience in R programming.
  • A background in or exposure to biomedical engineering, outcomes research, medical science or physiology.
  • Good technical writing and presentation skills.
  • Optimization of algorithm complexity vs. accuracy vs. implementation cost.
  • Implementing robust software for use in research programs with a minimum of review and other formal processes
  • A degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Statistics, Applied Mathematics, or related fields.
  • Minimal 6 years' industry or academic experience in data science.


  • Post-graduate research experience (Masters or PhD) in a field encompassing Data Science, Applied Statistics, Biomedical Informatics, or Outcomes Research.
  • Relevant industry experience would be favorably considered.