Job Details

Senior Database Engineer

Boston, MA | Full time

Job ID:



Long Term


3-5 years

Career Level:

Senior Level





Job Description

Responsible to work with application developers to design and implement efficient schemas and optimize queries and connection management

Job Responsibilities:

  • Enable database users in Development, Marketing and Finance to write efficient SQL
  • Develop scripts and packages that synchronize schemas and core data with new application code as it is elevated to Production
  • Grant restricted database access to new applications and users
  • Enhance database monitoring and backups as new database systems are added
  • Use a configuration management system, like Salt, Chef or Puppet, to install and configure databases
  • Appreciation of ACID compliance and differences between various isolation levels and locking algorithms
  • Configure a monitoring system, like Nagios or Zabbix, to watch database servers
  • Cassandra schema modeling and cluster tuning
  • PostgreSQL replication

Requirements & Preferred Skills:

  • 5+ years of experience writing SQL, including stored programs and views, optimizing queries, and backing up, restoring and replicating MySQL databases in a production environment
  • Understanding of and ability to apply the relational model
  • Familiarity with Linux on Production systems
  • Ability to write scripts in bash, Perl or Python to automate database maintenance
  • Experience with standard MySQL replication, Galera Cluster and MySQL Cluster
  • Experience with ZFS filesystem is a plus
  • Experience with ZFS, Docker and various virtualization technologies is a plus
  • Enthusiasm for working with new technologies related to and beyond the database


  • 4year college degree required