Personality Type


"Never imagine a thing to be done as long as it is not actually done." ~ Frederick the Great

"I never say something I cannot do. And I always will do more than I can say." ~ Richard Nixon

"Person by person, I will demonstrate the integrity of what I do." ~ Elizabeth Holmes

"You don't just play a part. You've got to earn the right to play it." ~ Robert De Niro

"Happiness and moral duty are inseparably connected." ~ George Washington

ISTJ Technician

Overview of The Technician Style

  • I – Introvert (inward) Focus
  • S – Sensing Framing
  • T – Thinking Response
  • J – Judging Approach

Technicians are no-nonsense and practical. They act from a keen sense of integrity that is firmly based on facts and logic. Technicians are often found as accountants, law enforcement and military, as they have a firm belief in “right” and “wrong;” there are no gray areas. Technicians prefer following set procedures and are highly responsible and dependable. They keep their commitments and will work hard to fulfill them.

Technicians are very patient and diligent. When approaching tasks, Technicians will often complete each one in a logical order and won’t rest until finished.

Technicians live firmly in the present and have little patience for conceptual thinking. Ambiguity is to be resolved, not explored. They can be dismissive of ideas that are not supported by facts. They are decisive and can be depended upon to follow through on commitments.

Communicating with The Technician

Technicians prefer communicating on a factual and logical level. At times, they can be blunt in their communication, not understanding why everyone doesn’t stick to the obvious facts. If you are trying to persuade a Technician, it is best to use logic with logic. Emotions in serious conversations will cause the Technician discomfort. Don’t waste time on small talk. Get straight to the point. Technicians appreciate transparency and facts.


Technicians can be very stubborn in conflict. Their strong sense of justice and their logical approach make them come across as thinking they are always right. They can be highly critical of others’ beliefs or stances when they contradict what the Technician holds to be true.

When approaching a conflict with a Technician, come to the situation with logic, and appeal to their sense of right and wrong. Hold your ground and insist that feelings be considered as well as facts. They will take a “win-lose” approach to conflict which will sometimes seem rigid to others.


Technicians will commit strongly to relationships and take them very seriously. They are dedicated and loyal. Technicians will have a small circle of very close friends. It takes time to gain a Technician’s trust.


  • Responsible – Technicians see their commitments through to the end and work hard to keep their word.

  • Honest and direct – Technicians value honesty and transparency. They will not have hidden agendas, and will seek to earn trust and use facts.

  • Loyal – Technicians are loyal to relationships, clients and organizations. Once they commit, they will not waver.


  • Insensitive – Technicians see right and wrong as absolutes that everyone should adhere to. They can be insensitive to the feelings and ideas of others.

  • Change resistant – Technicians like to follow a set of rules and work “by the book.” They have a “if it’s not broke don’t fix it” approach. It is difficult for them to accept a new way of doing things unless there is clear concrete evidence to support the change.

  • Stubborn – Technicians are so firm in their convictions that they can become immovable. The “facts are the facts” is often a refrain for Technicians.

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