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"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” ~ Helen Keller

"Adaptable, Caring, Intependent and like to contribute to the Well-Being of others."

"The work of their hands is usually more eloquent than anything they say."

Fact: "On personality trait measures, ISFPs score as most Easygoing."

"Every day is a new experience and I take it as it comes."

ISFP - Reinventer

Overview of The Reinventer Style

  • I – Introvert (outward) Focus
  • S – Sensing Framing
  • F – Feeling Response
  • P – Perceiving Approach

Reinventors seek self-actualization, and will use non-traditional methods to explore what feels right at the time. They’ll reinvent themselves every so often, seeking an elusive balance. Planning for the future and sticking to that plan is challenging; they enjoy reinventing themselves, seeing the future as a sense of identity rather than an accumulation of things.

Reinventors enjoy the here and now and live in the moment. Intellectual debate doesn’t hold their attention. Experimentation and spontaneity is far more interesting. Reinventors want to experience new things, life and various senses.

With a strong feeling response Reinventors are helpful, gentle and giving to others. They are considered artists of expression. They have a way of visualizing life and experiences in ways that are creative and original.

Communicating with The Reinventor

Reinventors want everyone to be all they can be. When communicating with a Reinventor, begin conversations with supportive and encouraging words. If wanting to persuade a Reinventor, help them see how your ideas benefit the many. Deal with emotions before facts. Reinventors are put off by overly logical communication, seeing it as insensitive.

As active experiencers, involving the Reinventor in an active way, such as walking meetings, will help the Reinventor open up more readily and be tuned into the conversation.


Reinventors dislike conflict and will avoid it if possible. When looking to resolve conflict with a Reinventor, deal with emotions first in a non-heated way. Acknowledge any hurt feelings on both sides and show positive intent in creating a solution together. Emphasize people over things when discussing solutions.


Reinventors can be very difficult to get to know. While emotional, they are introverts and guard their emotions well. They prefer listening over talking. Reinventors will react well to those who ask for their help. They’ll most often have a small group of close friends with whom they are fiercely loyal to. They are thoughtful friends, taking time to nurture relationships.


  • Curious – Reinventors have highly curious minds and want to explore and try things for themselves.

  • Passionate – Reinventors are highly passionate and feel strongly about people, harmony and self-actualization.

  • Flexible – It is easy for them to switch gears; a new experience is always desirable to mundane, unchanging tasks.


  • Reinvent the wheel – In their search for self-actualization and to indulge their curiosity, Reinventors may “reinvent the wheel,” creating new processes or methods where none are needed.

  • Unpredictable – Reinventors dislike set plans and can change on a moment’s notice. They see no issue in canceling last-minute if something they feel is more important arises.

  • Dislike rules – Reinventors are about freedom of expression and experiences. Rigid rules and processes will stifle them, and they may even ignore rules.

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