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"I'm someone who gets on with the job ... say it as I see it and actually deliver on what I say." ~ Theresa May

"An idea is just an idea. Almost anyone can think up an idea. The thing that counts is developing it into a practical product." ~ Henry Ford

"I'm a law-and-order person." ~ Alec Baldwin

"Awareness without action is worthless. Sometimes you make the right decision, sometimes you make the decision right." ~ Dr. Phil

"What I personally want to know about a leader is this: ... Will he take decisions, accepting full responsibility?" ~ Montgomery

ESTJ – Governor

Overview of The Governor Style

  • E – Extravert (outward) Focus
  • S – Sensing Framing
  • T – Thinking Response
  • J – Judging Approach

Highly practical, Governors are task-oriented and get things done in a tactical and efficient manner. They prefer proven methods over innovation and are hard workers who get things done using tried-and-true practices.

As sensing types, Governors enjoy creating order from chaos. They are very clear in their communication, respecting clarity and honesty in all dealings. They are rational and dependable.

Governors are action-oriented, and adhere to a personal code of ethics around what takes priority and how it should be accomplished, for they will have knowledge of tried-and-true practices. They lead by example with strong character and strict honesty, which as extroverts they can adeptly, and firmly communicate.

The Governor is called so because of their ability to take the middle path by leading others with a strict code of honor. If the Governor had a motto it would be “what is just, what is right.” Being thinkers, they prefer facts and logic and have little use for dreamers or bringing emotions into the picture when solving problems.

Governors tend to be very traditional and expect others to adhere to their way of doing things. In their mind, keeping tradition, ethics and honesty is the foundation of a good and proper functioning world.

Communicating with The Governor

Be direct. Governors will appreciate the straightforward, just-say-it approach. They are naturally straightforward and direct in their communications, preferring to dispel any ambiguity. Governors prefer everything on the table, with no hidden agendas.

Keeping your word is important; Governors will expect that actions discussed between you will be fulfilled. In this way they can be demanding, not only of others but also on themselves.

They are uncomfortable with overly emotional conversations and will attempt to steer talk back to logic and facts. Feeler types who bring emotions to the conversation may feel invalidated or not heard, when the Governor is merely trying to steer the conversation to safer, more logical ground.

A sensing style, Governors will become impatient with “what if” or non-specific conversation and will focus on the purpose and tasks to be done.


If in conflict with a Governor, be willing to address problems openly and candidly. They are verbally adept so be prepared to talk it out. Conflict can arise when the Governor’s authority is challenged, for they have a keen sense of tradition and strong opinions on how things should be. Those who want change or to do things differently will be directly challenged by the Governor. A good approach in this instance is to present an argument with facts, data and logic.


Governors will normally have a wide circle of friends and colleagues. Governors prefer respectful relationships built on co-benefit; they are intentional networkers and will follow up on meetings and look for ways that each person can benefit the other by discussing practical solutions.


  • Ethical, dependable, reliable – Governors are strong upholders of doing the right thing and keeping commitments. They are very honest and direct. They will not have hidden agendas and will strive for clarity and honesty.

  • Dedicated – Governors like to finish things and will work step by step to accomplish what they planned.

  • Stabilizer and organizer – Governors seek order and will strive to reduce ambiguity and bring order out of chaos. They immediately look for sense and clarity in all situations.

  • Direct and transparent – Governors prefer transparency; it is a value for them. With Governors, you won’t find hidden agendas for they’ll be open about their intent and strive to keep conversation grounded in truth and reality.

  • Communicators – Governors often excel at debate, or other verbal sparring for they will thoroughly research and be ready with facts and willing to have discussions in groups or in one-to-one conversations.


  • Inflexible – Their strong sense of “what is right” and the “by-the-rules” values the Governor upholds can sometimes make him or her inflexible. They can be dismissive of ideas that contradict their own.

  • Change resistant – Governors have a strong sense of utility, wanting to make the best use of time and resources. This can make them averse to change. They have an “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” mentality and venturing into theoretical conversations or brainstorming new ideas may cause the Governor to resist.

  • Bluntness – Governors can be blunt to a fault. Some people, particularly Feeler types may feel dismissed if not allowed to discuss their feelings about a situation.

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