Personality Type


"Throw me to the wolves and I’ll return leading the pack."

"Feelings are confusing to me because they cannot be defined in logic."

"I Can, I Will. End of story."

"You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win. ~ Zig Ziglar

"Truth is a powerful weapon."

ENTJ – Director

Overview of The Director Style

  • E – Extrovert (outward) Focus
  • N – Intuitive Framing
  • T – Thinking Response
  • J – Judging Approach

Directors enjoy the spotlight and are natural leaders. They project authority and charisma and are verbally persuasive. Highly competitive, Directors work tirelessly for their ideals and goals and can motivate and inspire others to join them on their journey.

Directors are also highly intuitive and strategic, yet methodical in execution. They feel their way is the best way and will push others to do more, work harder and achieve more. Directors are opinionated and impatient. They are skilled verbal communicators and strong debaters and can be immovable when challenged.

Because directors like to win, they energetically pursue their goals. They will chafe at being held back from pursuing a goal they believe in.

Communicating with The Director

Directors are skilled communicators, both verbally and written. Outgoing and charismatic, they can engage on almost any topic with any personality type. They are genuinely interested in people and their ideas. Debate is their forte; they enjoy the process of defending their ideas. What others may view as an argument, the Director sees as a fun, lively conversation.


Directors want to meet conflict head-on, right now. They are more than happy to discuss an issue, but often see conflict as something they want to win. When wanting to resolve conflict with a Director, it is best to use direct language and be ready with facts. Stand your ground and don’t allow them to verbally dismiss your arguments. One tactic is to provide the Director with choices such as, “We can resolve this with choice A or choice B. What do you think?” With their decisive nature and being able to make a choice, the Director will feel they ‘won’ and are in control.


Directors are easy to get to know and can strike up conversation and establish rapport with many people. They will likely have a large circle of acquaintances, though will only pursue deeper friendships with those who have similar intellectual capability and interests. They are attracted to those in power and will build strong business networks.

A challenge for Directors in relationships is in their love of debate; others may find this as conflict and want their feelings to be considered, something that does not come naturally to the Director.


  • Persuasive communicators Persuasive communicators – Directors can get others motivated and excited through their rich and inspiring communication style.

  • Goal orientation Goal orientation – Directors like to win and will doggedly pursue their goals.

  • Energetic Energetic – Lit by their own personal fire, Directors will put enormous energy behind accomplishing goals. They like nothing more than to cross off a goal as complete and a ‘win.’


  • Impatient Directors can be impatient when things or people hold them up from meeting their goals. Directors think out loud and on their feet and are impatient with others who can’t do the same and take time instead to process or think through a situation. They also sometimes expect others to have their energy and drive.

  • Dominant Directors can over-extend their charisma and assurance and come off as dominant. They can be poor listeners and not allow other ideas or perspectives to be heard.

  • Stubborn Directors are so sure of their own decisions, knowledge and research they can have a difficult time seeing other points of view.

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