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Data Engineer – Journey Analytics, New Ventures

San Jose, IL

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You will be a core member of the Journey Analytics Argon-X platform team and will be based in San Jose, Costa Rica, working with Journey Analytics experts and data scientists in New York and Dusseldorf. 

Journey Analytics is a customer experience analytics group that uses advanced analytics, experience design thinking and agile change management approaches to radically redesign customer and patient experiences, while getting more value out of interaction data. Journey Analytics is part of McKinsey’s New Ventures.

McKinsey New Ventures fosters innovation driven by analytics, design thinking, mobile and social by developing new products/services and integrating them into our client work. It is helping to shift our model toward asset-based consulting and is a foundation for –and expands our investment in –our entrepreneurial culture. Through innovative software as a service solutions, strategic acquisitions, and a vibrant ecosystem of alliances, we are redefining what it means to work with McKinsey.

As one of the fastest-growing parts of our firm, New Ventures has more than 1,500 dedicated professionals (including more than 800 analysts and data scientists) and we’re hiring more mathematicians, data scientists, designers, software engineers, product managers, client development managers and general managers

You will be responsible for extracting large quantities data from client’s IT systems, developing efficient ETL and data management processes, building interactive tools for rapid ingestion and dissemination of key data, and deploying data lakes into client environments.

You are someone with a drive to implement the best possible solutions for clients in close collaboration with a highly skilled Data Science team. As such, you will partner with clients to model their data landscape, obtain data extracts and define secure data exchange approaches. You'll also plan and execute secure, good practice data integration strategies and approaches. You’ll deploy analytics environments from AWS and build API connections to custom visualizations and third party tools.

This is a fantastic opportunity to be involved in end-to-end data and platform management for cutting edge Advanced Analytics and Data Science.

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in Computer Science, Engineering or related field
  • Commercial client-facing project experience, including working in close-knit teams
  • Proven ability in clearly communicating complex solutions
  • Experience and interest in Big Data technologies (Hadoop / Spark / NoSQL DBs)
  • Experience and interest in visualization tools (d3.js, HTML, React, Native)
  • Expertise in AWS technologies
  • Experience with data security & governance best practices
  • Strong experience in traditional data warehousing / ETL tools (Athena, Informatica, Talend, Pentaho, DataStage)
  • Strong SQL experience, and preferably Python / Scala / Java / R
  • Exceptional attention to detail

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