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The iagility.com Advantage

Jobsingta is a one stop solution to all your career needs. We help people throughout GTA. Hire and get hired. A free job board that lets you search for the best suited jobs, apply effortlessly, and get hired quickly. Sign up, complete your profile and start applying it’s that easy!

Our Commitment to you

Whether you are taking an entry level start, you’re an experienced individual looking for better opportunities or resuming after a break, we’ve got you covered under our commitment to keep you busy. We will provide a pro-active, personalized and targeted approach to your job search.

We’re with you every step of the way

Jobsingta strives to work with you in every way possible throughout the application process, helping you match your skills, choosing the right shifts, and making sure the job is right for you. We are intensely passionate about offering the best opportunities for job seekers to get hired and provide the right fit for every hire to all size of companies.

Our Dedication to your Safety

It is our responsibility to ensure safety under all working conditions and to help job seekers get educated and trained for health and safety practices at the work place. We will use your information confidentially and only request and share information relevant to your job search. We believe in honesty, integrity and transparency. Should be part of privacy statement.

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